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electrical maintenance


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ATLANTIC ENGINEERING GROUP is a reliable, affordable and efficiently managed electrical contractor. Our electrical services have an incredible rate of on-time delivery and are the reliable choice for your next electrical project.


Our electrical services can be provided as a main contractor or as a sub contractor.


Experienced Electricians Providing Electrical Services


At ATLANTIC ENGINEERING GROUP, we have been providing our services to businesses across Birmingham for over 13 years. Our team of highly skilled electricians in Birmingham ensure that every job is completed to the highest standard, no matter the size or nature of the job.


Regardless of any obstacles or issues which may arise, we are committed to reaching any deadlines set by the contractor. Again, we work hard to complete every job to the highest standard, even if changes occur during the project.


Regular team talks help keep staff motivated and standards high.


Motivated Staff


We pride ourselves on paying our staff about the average wage set out for electricians. We also offer our electricians a bonus, to act as an incentive to keep up the hard work. Due to our great incentives, our valuable team of electricians are committed to our projects and team. Our electricians take great pride in their work and strive to complete each task to the highest standard. By offering brilliant incentives, we see a very low turnover of staff, allowing us to maintain a highly skilled team of electricians.


We also have regular talks with our staff to ensure that each and every project is a successful one. By meeting regularly with our team, we ensure that quality is maintained across every job.


Electrical Services from ATLANTIC ENGINEERING GROUP!


ATLANTIC ENGINEERING GROUP is based in Birmingham, however, we provide our services across the UK. We are regularly chosen over local electricians due to our high standards, quality of work, pricing and our previous clients.



Are you looking for highly skilled electricians? Get in touch with ATLANTIC ENGINEERING GROUP to find out how we can help you.



0121 330 1122

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